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Latest Reviews
Kate 1318923561

bValued always manage to suit the client's needs and demands, I am impressed, because they assisted my sister to find exactly what she was searching for in no time and after that they helped us again in a very short term! Recommend them!
New Move
Brad 1318333987

New Move is the good start of your decision to move, because they are capable of responding everybody's needs, I am sure about that, because I tried several before finding them, and they solved my problem in no time!
KB Properties
Ji 1318319970

I want to recommend KB Properties as a company , that is extremely flexible and completely able to respond to any demand of the client, they really do their best to assist in the most correct and positive way!
Sure Property Group
Mark 1317047961

Efficient, reliable and excellent communication and service. Overall we are very happy with the company and would definitely consider using them again!
Think Property
Eddi 1316507653

Think Property is the best real estate company, they really care about the client and his interests, I recommend them strongly!
3 Point Property
Carl 1316007996

Can't imaging handing the care of my flats to any other agent. The best letting service I've had in years! Thank you!
Castle Estate Agents
Josef 1315911484

Very polite, confidential and extremely professional service, recommend it strongly!
Nina Lubman Estate Agents
a happy client 1315910993

I found Nina Lubman estate agency on the internet and now I am happy I have the possibility to recommend this agency to everyone, as - thanks to Nina Lubman I made my "move the right move"! Thanks!
Roberta 1315898722

I heard really a lot of good words about Poshouse from two of my colleagues and I have made my mind that I shall turn to them next year, when we intend to change our home! It is hard to decide whom to turn to for such an important thing, but I know!
Teekay Consulting Ltd
John 1315825252

Brilliant job. Did exactly what we needed with friendly competent service. Kept me informed of everything, got the best price and answered all my questions. Definitely recommend.
Debra Ball Homes
Torry 1315575989

They have a great attitude and energy that makes the whole experience better. Plus, you know for sure you head for success with their help!
Claringdons Estate Agents
Billy 1315491116

Great service, the staff is very helpful. The best thing about them is that they work on Sunday!
Illana 1315478885

I had to sell my house very urgent due to some bad events and I am glad I found company that made it so easy and fast! Barclaydarr is correct and qualified real estate agent!
Crowe Property Agency
Carlos 1314947054

I found the perfect way to give my old appartment for renting - I use the services of Crowe Property Agency and I have no obligations or troubles , just receive the money! They are very accurate and very strict , I recommend them!
HomeXperts Worthing
Alicia 1314882381

Professional approach, thorough property search service with great results!They really worked hard to find me a selection of quality properties to choose from. I cannot recommend that agency highly enough!
Fred 1314867254

I am really impressed by their professional attitude and the efficiency of their services.Highly recommend.
Martin & Co
Ana 1314354017

Martin & Co is the company I use to take care of my mom's apartment , which I now give for rent. They are absolutely accurate and I have no troubles, recommend them!
Rebeca 1314014143

A team of real professional that can offer you the best conditions and prices for home insurance.Highly recommend them!
Priest Properties Ltd
Tara 1313760708

I am so happy with Priest Properties Ltd's service. My property was let within days. The attitude of the personnel is simply superb and I can't imagine working with anyone better! Kudos!
Robert 1313662871

They provide really professional assistance for quite reasonable price.I am perfectly satisfied with their job and highly recommend their services to anybody who needs good real estate agency.

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